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"When my daughter joined LWP she was a very shy little girl who struggled to separate from her parents. At home she was bright, funny and full of energy, but in any public situation she would sink into herself and hide. When I enrolled Sophie the teachers listened to my thoughts and concerns, my ideas and suggestions, and they used their considerable experience to help us make the transition from being at home full-time to nursery."

—Karen B.  (Parent)


Schedules are flexible and we offer the option of an Early Bird Session, Morning Session, Lunch Bunch and an Afternoon Session.  We have 3 terms and 38 weeks in total.


Early Bird:  8:15-8:45

AM Session: 8:45-11:45 (Children who attend the morning session must attend all 5 days.)

Lunch Bunch 11:45-12:30

PM Session: 12-3 (All or part of this session to suit.)



✽  Invoices are given/sent/emailed at the beginning of each term and we are happy to • discuss a flexible payment system and finance plans.

✽  We accept Free Entitlement for Early Education (FEE) from the term after the child's 3rd birthday,  30hr option and also FEE2 for eligible under 3 's.  See

✽  We also accept work based vouchers from various companies and can register, if necessary, with most company schemes.

✽  Hours over and above the initial 15 hours will be charged at £8 per hour.

✽  We offer additional activities to help us enrich your child’s experiences within the nursery.  These additional activities include  outings for children, birthday present and goodies, healthy snack, water machine, bottled water, Stretch & Grow, Spanish lessons, cooking club, gardening club and upkeep & replacement of equipment and resources to name a few. For these activities there is an additional cost of £8 per session (max. £40 per week) ✽ (020) 8445-7514 Nansen Village, 21 Woodside Avenue, London N12 8AQ email:
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