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✽  We have available a comprehensive book of our policies. These can be borrowed or use the link (below left) to download a copy. Some policies are displayed on the Parents Notice Board as well as other information.


✽  School rules are minimal and exist only to ensure the health and safety of our community. We continually stress the importance of trust, fairness, self-discipline, mutual respect and self esteem.


✽  We encourage and praise good behaviour and help all children appreciate that this is the normal expectation.


✽  Observations and records are kept which enable us to assess every child’s level of development in relation to the Development Matters Statements in the EYFS. We use a secure  online learning journal called Tapestry whereby observations and assessment are made and shared with the parent/carer.  Parents work together with their child’s key person as next steps are noted.


✽  We have a monthly newsletter, which informs parents about what we will be doing, important dates and any other information. In addition, we have regular email updates.


✽  A “Transition Report” which is forwarded to the child’s infant school is prepared during the Summer Term when parent meetings are held.  Meetings with teachers can be arranged by appointment at any time.



Removal of a Child

Parents are required to give, in writing, a month's notice of their intention to remove any child
from the Nursery. In default of such written notice an amount equivalent to one month's fees will be payable.

“The nursery provides a safe and nurturing environment which encourages learning through considered play and interaction with the other children. It has a brilliant, large, outdoor space and fantastic activity areas.”

—Kate N. (Parent) ✽ (020) 8445-7514 Nansen Village, 21 Woodside Avenue, London N12 8AQ email:
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