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Laurel Way Playgroup Laurel Way Playgroup
Planned Purposeful Play Planned Purposeful Play



Our Aims & Objectives


To provide opportunities for the children to play, to talk, to experiment, to investigate,
to develop mathematical understanding and to develop intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.


  To give the children support to make them feel good about themselves and the choices they make so that their sense of identity and self worth is reinforced and supported.


  To offer children first hand experiences using a variety of materials and to develop their natural curiosity in the world around them.


  To develop a “can do” attitude towards learning.


  To enable children to have fun and enjoy their time with us.


  To provide a curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage.


  To give children choices.


  To observe, support and extend learning.


  To encourage negotiation—adults with children, children with adults and children with children.


Early Years Foundation Stage Principals:

• Every child is unique.

• Children learn through positive relationships.

• Children develop well in enabling environments.

• Children learn in different ways. ✽ (020) 8445-7514 Nansen Village, 21 Woodside Avenue, London N12 8AQ email:
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